About Me

A Note from Dr. Gina Ressler, M.D., Owner & Medical Director of Signature Skin Care

At Signature Skincare, I see every day the positive impact medical aesthetics have on our patients’ well-being and self-esteem. Nearly 15 years ago, I decided I wanted to expand my work and focus of medical, dermatological skincare. I had trained to be and worked as an Emergency Medicine Physician for 20 years – and to this day I work in an ER – but my life has been enhanced by helping men and women feel and look their best.

The Best of Two Worlds

I receive professional satisfaction when I connect on an emotional level with my clients in my medical practice, whether in the ER or at Signature Skincare.

In this practice I get to connect with people in a more comfortable and relaxed environment. Signature Skincare is a medical practice dedicated to helping people feel better about themselves by helping them look better and focusing on their health and well-being. It is not really about looking 30 when you're 60; it's about looking and feeling the best you can no matter what age you are. Yes, it is about wrinkle reduction, facial and body sculpting, hair removal and about re-making the skin into a smoother and brighter surface with laser skin resurfacing – but underneath it all, it’s about making people feel fantastic.

In non-invasive cosmetic medicine, experience and my training as a doctor helps to ensure patient satisfaction and safety. I have personally selected and trained every state-licensed nurse and esthetician who performs procedures at our spa, and I supervise all procedures. I strongly believe every one of our customers deserves the best and safest spa experience ever.

A Practice Dedicated to Women, but Welcoming All

Of course we treat men, but my practice is dedicated to women who want to look and feel their best at any age. Most of the time women walking through the doors of Signature Skin Care are not there just for the frown lines to improve or go away. Most are there because there is some particular thing about their face or body that they identify as unattractive. I connect with people on an emotional level; I reach out to them wherever they are in life. I am there to listen to their story and to lift them up, encourage them and help them see the beauty of themselves, to help them accept who they are. Only then, after I truly believe that I have given them something that will really help them, can we get on with the frown line, or dark spots they don't like.

I enjoy connecting with people and helping them see their own natural beauty. We can all put on makeup and be beautiful, but if we don't first feel it on the inside, it really doesn't matter how much makeup we put on...we just won't feel beautiful. I help women get in touch with their inner beauty and then help it shine on the outside!

Sincerely yours,